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Goodwood People I was 15, unchurched and uninterested in anything 'religious'. My parents and siblings were much the same. In my GCE form, we sat alphabetically, next to me being Bevins, a fellow who also lived near me, and with whom I ran training sessions.

He surprised me one day, asking me to go with him to a Sunday afternoon Crusaders Bible class. The language I used in reply is definitely unrepeatable. However, I did get a bit more interested when he told me if I just attended for ten Sundays I could go to camp.

Completely fed up with family holidays I thought this would be cool, so the next ten weeks saw a bored and uninterested fellow putting up with the Sunday hour. The brochure for camp was another thing... item to take, a Bible. The only one I possessed was a tatty school issue. Anyway, think I, ways of dodging the meetings were always available.

So the adventure began as the two of us with a leader set off for Felixstowe. How I enjoyed the games and the fun. I even found my way to the evening meetings, still not having any idea what it was all about.

Goodwood People

The final Sunday came; the speaker was a famous lawyer who had a great concern for young people. His subject - the Great White Throne. I was petrified. My sinful life came vividly before me. My bad temper, my love of sleaze, my foul mouth. I know now of course this was God speaking. After the meeting I sought out Bevins.

'What on earth do we do now?' 'Let's go and talk to the preacher!' Wise Christian as he was, he took us through the gospel message, and then brought us to Romans 10:9, 'If you confess with your mouth "Jesus is Lord", and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.' So, weeping bitter tears, I did just that. And for 77 years I have proved Him faithful to His Word.

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