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Goodwood People As a child, I found it easy to put off any commitment to follow Jesus. I knew that I had to make a personal response to the fact that only Jesus could give eternal life, but it could wait. I guess we can get very comfortable about the fact that most enjoy long life.

I knew in my head that Jesus could return any time, but it took a film called 'A Thief in the Night' to shake my heart into a response. It was a story about a girl who had ignored Jesus and was left behind when He returned like a thief in the night and took with him those who trusted him.

It was fear that first caused me to respond and only later that I began to really appreciate God's love and grace.

Goodwood People

I fail to love Him. Yet he loves me. I fail to trust Him and obey Him. He accepts me despite my failings. I, like everyone else, have spoilt his perfect creation and brought suffering into the world. He came to this world and gave his life so that we can be forgiven from our selfishness and sinfulness. How I look forward to the day when there will be no more suffering.

Being sure that I will be with him forever gives such contentment. Knowing that the Almighty God walks beside me every step of every day and is there to talk to at any moment is so comforting. Sharing with others the grace that God has shown me provides a daily challenge.

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