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Goodwood News

The Newsletter of the church at Goodwood

‘Building a Family that expresses the Love of God’

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Issue 7: August 2010

Safari Adventure


Firstly, apologies for there being a big gap between this newsletter and the previous one. The delay mainly due to busyness at work.

There has been lots going on since the last issue and lots to come so the History of the church I have put on hold for the moment in order to include as much of the current activities as I can.

The main focus is the Holiday club. Please invite people who are eligible along. There are flyers with all the information. See Stephen or collect from the table at the back of the church.

I am very pleased to be able to include George’s testimony in this issue.

I trust that you will find this issue helpful and informative.

- Paula Taylor

Safari Adventure
The long summer holidays are here again and parents among you may be looking for ideas to keep the children happy, especially during the last week, so you’ll be pleased to know that we have another holiday club.

For a week in August the church will become a little part of Africa, as we illustrate the Christian life as a journey through taking the children on an imaginary Safari Adventure. Building on the real-life experiences of one of the team who’s actually been on safari, this promises to be an action-packed and exciting week that should make a great end to the holidays.

There’ll be crafts, Bible stories and plenty of songs, not to mention games, quizzes and a daily drama that will explore the theme for each day.

To round it all off there’ll be a Safari Adventure Family Service on Sunday, August 29th at 11.15. This will be a chance to find out what’s been going on through the week, and everyone is welcome.

Come and join in…...

Come and Sing!
One Friday evening in April some people got to together to enjoy a time of singing songs. All who came sang Christian hymns and songs. Old favorites were revised and new songs learnt. A song in parts was also learnt. It was informal evening of music, chat and refreshment. Do come along to the next evening on October the 1st.

Jam and Bread
This proved to be another enjoyable afternoon with various musicians playing instruments and singing. The ‘Come and Sing’ choir sang ‘Teach me thy way’ in parts. The performances were interspersed with songs for all to sing and the new Holiday Club song was introduced. The afternoon was rounded off with a strawberry tea.

The next Jam and Bread has been arranged for November the 7th

Coffee Morning
There have been good attendances at the coffee morning and the ladies enjoy coming. Everyone has been busy knitting and so far forty two blankets have been made for the people in Malawi.

Join us on September the 9th when coffee morning re-starts.

Our Harvest festival is on Sunday the 19th of September with lunch in the church afterwards. Stephen will be taking this family friendly service and everyone is very welcome to attend

Men, Men, Men: Football @ Goals, August 2010Men, Men, Men
Football was the theme of the last men’s night which happened just before the World Cup. A pitch was hired at Goals and some of us athletic and not so athletic spent the evening playing football and getting fitter.

So far these men’s evenings have been a great success. Do join us for the next one. Another men’s night has been penciled in for September 17th so listen out for further details. Anyone over 18 and male is invited

George Bowerman, August 2010My Testimony
George Bowerman, a member here at Goodwood has been serving the Lord for more than 80 years. Here he tells of where it all began.

I was fifteen and coming up to the equivalent to my G.C.S.E’s when the fellow sitting next to me, made what to me was a shocking and unwanted proposal! “Would you like to come to a bible class next Sunday?” Me? A bible class?. Not on your life! Before I could brush the whole ridiculous idea aside, he used a little honey for the trap. “ Just come and try it. If you come for a week or so you could go to camp in the summer”. Ah! Camp. As one who for years had been dragged to Skeggy by my parents, getting away from them and joining camp, Wow! So a few weeks later I was putting my name on a form. A bit off– putting was the suggestion to bring a bible and that there would be evening “talks”.

Never mind. I was pretty good at dodging such things. However when I got to camp I thoroughly enjoyed the games and other activities. I found dodging the meeting, especially the one in the tent before breakfast, not so easy. After a few days I started to listen to what was being said in the meetings and was challenged by it. I manage to last out until the Sunday when I realized that I (yes me!) was being spoken to: a challenge to look at my life and see where it was heading. The speaker told of what Jesus had done on the cross for sinners like me, of the wonderful life he offered and the darker side of refusal. I went to the tent to speak with the preacher and he pointed me to Christ in a wonderful way in Romans 10.9:

If you confess with your mouth “Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

These few words brought me into a new relationship with the Lord Jesus and put me onto the road with him and for the rest of a very long life have known his peace and joy.

Words, Words, Words
With an election and a World Cup already behind us, there’s been a lot of words spoken this year by politicians and football pundits alike.

But long before these events were thought of, the words of Jesus were making an impact, and they still are today. This autumn we’ll be looking at what Jesus said as we resume our journey through John’s Gospel on Sunday mornings. With topics ranging from washing the feet of His disciples to a place in heaven and the gift of the Holy Spirit, we’ll be discovering that Jesus’ words are still relevant and can make a difference to our everyday lives.

Come along at 11.15 each Sunday and find out why Jesus’ words are worth hearing.

- Stephen Taylor

‘Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away’
Luke 21 verse 33
Got News?
If you would like to write anything appropriate for Goodwood News or include information for the next issue, send it to or put it in the newsletter box at the back of the church.

Waiting for Exam Results?
For all those waiting for exam results. Let’s hope you have not answered any questions like this:

The greatest miracle in the bible is when Joshua told his son to stand still and he obeyed him.

Adam and Eve were created from an apple tree. Noah’s wife was Joan of Ark. Noah built an ark and the animals came on in pears.

Christians have only one spouse. This is called monotony.

- Taken from a primary school test found elsewhere on the internet

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