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Goodwood People I had the privilege of having Christian parents who gave me my first understanding of God. As a child I was taken regularly to Sunday School where I enjoyed hearing all about the great Bible stories, but that was all it was, a good story. God was remote and untouchable to me at that time.

However this changed when I went to a young peoples' houseparty. Each evening there was a clear gospel message that made me feel rather uncomfortable. I remember hearing that God knew everything I did and thought, and that my sinful human nature had separated me from God. But the good news was that God had sent His only Son to die on a cross and in doing so, He had paid the penalty for my sin. Also during the meetings other young folks shared their experiences of coming to know God.

Goodwood People

I started to realise that I didn't know God like these other young people and that I too needed to get right with God. So on August 12th 1967, praying with some older teenage lads, I became a Christian.

For me today, God is no longer remote and untouchable, but I experience His presence daily in my life, and having full assurance of eternal life gives peace and meaning in an uncertain world.

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